How Photography Can Help Save Oceans​

KEITH ELLENBOGEN | Associate Professor of Photography

East Viz Lab at FIT, led by Keith Ellenbogen, assistant professor of Photography, is about discovering, innovating, and teaching cutting-edge lens-based technologies and their artistic application, and addressing global environmental and social issues.

“Space to Sea—A Photographic Journey into Stellwagen Bank” captures images of the extraordinary diversity of marine life in the Stellwagen Bank National Marine Sanctuary, 25 miles off the coast of Boston. Going beyond conventional sea-level views, Professor Ellenbogen reveals the complete Stellwagen ecosystem, from its iconic basking sharks to its tiniest microscopic creatures. His goal is to combine innovative photographic techniques—including 360-degree virtual reality multi-camera systems, high-speed photography, microscopy, and satellite imagery—with conservation messaging to inspire audiences and generate public engagement.


Keith Ellenbogen is an associate professor of Photography in FIT’s School of Art and Design. An award-winning underwater photographer with an emphasis on environmental conservation, he has a BS from Arizona State University and an MFA from Parsons School of Design.

360-degree virtual reality multi-camera image of fur seals

Flying Fish in the Hudson Canyon, New York

Shearwater Seabird, 30 nautical miles south of Fire Island, New York