Academic Resources

No matter your major, at FIT you’ve got access to a unique set of labs, studios, tools, and workshops. So experiment, research, express yourself, and bring your work to life.​


Academic Facilities

  • Computer labs with cutting-edge software that supports both business and design needs
  • Specialized workshops for footwear, millinery, jewelry, leather draping, textile screen printing, and toy design
  • Multiple student exhibition spaces
  • Cutting and sewing labs
  • Painting and printmaking rooms
  • Art and photography studios
  • Broadcast studio
  • Industry-standard labs for lighting, knitting, and cosmetics and fragrance

Career and Internship Center

Preparing for a brilliant career in a field you love starts on day one. The FIT Career and Internship Center helps connect you with internships and provides supportive career guidance and job placement assistance after graduation.

Dtech Lab

The FIT DTech Lab is a laboratory for students, faculty, and participating companies to collaborate on innovative research and solve real-world problems with design thinking and emerging technology

Academic Services

Academic Advisement

The Academic Advisement Center can help you with all types of academic questions in order to make your FIT experience as smooth and rewarding as possible.

Counseling and Disability Services

FIT offers free confidential counseling to all matriculated students, and the Office of Disability Services guarantees equal access for students with disabilities and helps obtain any necessary accommodations to ensure success.

Tutoring and Writing Support

We offer a variety of tutoring services in a wide range of disciplines, as well as help in developing, researching, drafting, and presenting your ideas, written or spoken.

The Gladys MArcus Library

The Gladys Marcus Library offers plenty of unexpected treasures. Gorgeous, fascinating, and quirky materials abound, from amazing old comic books and vintage ads to fabulous original sketchbooks by fashion designers housed.

You’ll find inspiration, information, and ideas everywhere you look. So come explore the library—you’ll delight your eyes and feed your brain!

vintage magazine covers

Special Collections and College Archives

Special Collections (SPARC)—part of FIT’s Gladys Marcus Library—is a resource rich in gorgeous, fascinating, and quirky materials, from vintage fashion magazines and ads to old comic books to fabulous original sketches by designers. Here visitors can find scrapbooks, archives, illustrations, and other materials in their original formats. More than 3,200 titles have been vetted for their rarity or importance in the fields of fashion, textiles, costume, and interior design.


Special Collections and College Archives acquires, preserves, and provides access to a wide range of primary resources to support the academic and research needs of the FIT community.


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This limited-edition 1929 plate by legendary illustrator Erté titled Love is one of more than 500,000 works on paper housed in Special Collections and College Archives.

The Gladys Marcus Library offers plenty of unexpected treasures. You’ll find inspiration, information, and ideas everywhere you look.