FIT teaches you to learn

But we do it in a whole new way. You’ll develop your creativity with practical, hands-on skills. You’ll work collaboratively and across disciplines to unlock problems and build community. You’ll turn our local and global business connections into unforgettable work experiences. And you’ll take a giant leap into your relevant, creative, 21st-century career.

The 2+2 model

The typical college experience lasts four consecutive years and ends in a bachelor’s degree. But at FIT, we divide those four years into two years plus two years. Why? Because each of our two-year programs offers its own educational focus, awards its own degree, creates its own career direction, and builds its own foundational study of sciences and humanities.

Find Your Major

FIT has 29 different undergraduate majors. That makes 29 relevant and fascinating ways to find your place, define your future, kickstart a career, and nurture your own unconventional mind.

Beyond Majors

Opening your eyes to subjects that are out of your usual field of vision lets you see the world with a fresh perspective. And studying outside your main area of interest makes you smarter inside it. So step outside your comfort zone with minors, international study, humanities, or science—and surprise yourself!

FIT Creative Network

Two keys to career success: what you know and who you know. You’ll have opportunities to experience your chosen field through internships, field trips, sponsored contests, mentorships, and more. You’ll connect with people who matter— industry leaders, job creators, and entrepreneurs looking for the next great graduate: you!


FIT’s faculty are industry professionals in the creative economy and noted scholars involved in a range of research projects. Dedicated teachers and mentors, they bring expertise and academic excellence to the classroom