Research at FIT is unconventional in all the right ways. It’s interdisciplinary, sharing ideas and resources across programs. It’s collaborative, engaging both students and faculty. It puts sustainability front and center. It’s about finding new and better ways to repair, support, and beautify the world.

Recent Projects Keeping us busy

  • Making sustainable clothes from seaweed
  • Designing toys for children on the autism spectrum
  • Creating the ultimate custom fragrance using an individual’s DNA
  • Using virtual reality to enhance the well-being of hospital patients
man with a pipette in a beaker
Group of Students


IBM, Tommy Hilfiger, and DTech sponsored faculty/student teams to work with IBM’s Watson team to explore how Tommy Hilfiger could use artificial intelligence to improve decision-making and experiences across the value chain. The project was showcased at the National Retail Federation along with a student’s SolarActive dress design. The contest’s top design—also by an FIT student—is being considered for production.


Sustainability Research

Innovating today to make the Earth better tomorrow

Faculty Research

Here are three of many recent research projects by FIT’s outstanding faculty.

ANNA BLUME | Professor in the History of Art Department

KEITH ELLENBOGEN | Associate Professor of Photography

AJOY SARKAR |  Associate Professor of Textile Development and Marketing