Beyond MAjors

Opening your eyes to subjects that are out of your usual field of vision lets you see the world with a fresh perspective. And studying outside your main area of interest makes you smarter inside it. So step outside your comfort zone with minors, international study, humanities, or science—and surprise yourself!


Connecting two or more disciplines improves your connective thinking. Choose one or more minors from a broad range of offerings from Creative Technology to History, Mathematics, or Dance. Pick a timely topic, like Ethics and Sustainability, LGBTQIA Studies, or Design Thinking. Study Mandarin Chinese and pump up your global business cred. Want true insight into consumer behavior? Take Psychology or Sociology. 

American Studies
Asian Studies
Caribbean Studies
Color Studies
Communication Studies
Creative Entrepreneurship
Creative Technology
Design Thinking
Ethics and Sustainability
Ethnic Dress in a Global Context
Fashion History, Theory, and Culture
Film and Media
History of Art
International Politics
International Trade and Marketing
Italian Studies
Latin American
Middle East and North African Studies
Three–Dimensional Design
Women and Gender Studies

"Minors are the perfect way to turn a curiosity into part of your education. They let you learn from and connect with other students and faculty and explore a realm of study that you find fascinating. They allow for gaining knowledge and deeper understanding of something you’re passionate about."
SAMATHA BERGER ’19  |  Fashion Design with minors in History of Art and Italian

Beyond the Classroom

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International Study

Every FIT student has the opportunity to study abroad for a year, a semester, or a summer or winter session. Locations include Australia, China, France, Japan, Hong Kong, India, and the United Kingdom. You can explore the design or the business side of fashion with programs in Fashion Design and Fashion Business Management at FIT’s campuses in Italy or at SUNY Korea.


No matter your major, at FIT you’ve got access to a unique set of labs, studios, tools, and workshops. So experiment, research, express yourself, and bring your work to life.​

Humanities, Arts, Natural Sciences, & Social Sciences​

FIT’s School of Liberal Arts and Sciences offers courses in humanities, art history, natural sciences, and social sciences. Students in all majors fulfill General Education requirements in order to receive an associate’s or bachelor’s degree, and each major has its own course requirements. Choose from a wide range of courses in our departments of English and Communication Studies, History of Art, Modern Languages and Cultures, Film and Media, Social Sciences, and Science and Math.


Research at FIT is unconventional in all the right ways. It’s about finding new and better ways to repair, support, and beautify the world. Here are a few of the innovative projects that have kept our researchers busy lately:

  • Making sustainable clothes from seaweed
  • Designing toys for children on the autism spectrum
  • Using virtual reality to enhance the well-being of hospital patients 

Student Contests

FIT connects you with the profession you’ll soon be entering. Industry-sponsored competitions and projects let you solve real-world challenges and work with business and design leaders. Our students consistently win national and international competitions, and some are challenges that companies offer only to FIT students. Here are just a few of FIT’s contest partners:

  • The NFL
  • Biodesign
  • IBM, Tommy Hilfiger, and DTech
  • Hearst Magazines
  • Goodwill